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Executive Team

Mark Sayre
Justin foia

Mark Sayre’s career has spanned over a decade with experience on both the distribution and production ends of the motion picture industry. He has  produced a number of films over the last several years, including The Timber (distributed by Well GoUSA) and the soon-to-release features Doubting Thomas, The Mailbu Tapes, Point Defiance, Waterlily Jaguar (executive produced by Paul Thomas Anderson), DOE, We Still Say Grace, The Clearing. Sayre co-founded Lexicon with filmmaking partner Justin Foia to focus on low-budget genre based properties with high-production quality and significant revenue projections. As President & CEO, he oversees services of the entire company and manages its annual slate of films.

FOUNDER | ChIEf Creative Officer
Founder | ChIEf Executive Officer

Justin Foia studied at the University of North Texas with famed post-modern artists and filmmakers Vernon Fisher and Ed Blackburn, concentrating on representational painting. Foia decided to apply the narrative approach, he had reserved for art, to the field of motion picture post-production and motion design. Shortly after graduation, he found himself working for a number of post-production companies, developing a strong ability to execute visual effects. Foia later moved to Seattle, WA, where he extended his film talents to commercial direction, shooting visually rich spots for Microsoft, Stride,, and Agent Provocateur. Foia has directed two titles for Lexicon to date, Point Defiance and DOE, with several more in the upcoming pipeline. As Chief Creative Officer of Lexicon, Foia oversees all of its development and manages its creative properties.

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